2016 first release! ACT -single- 27th Jan.



Jan. 27th, 2015 Worldwide Release!! » Apple Music / Amazon MP3 / mora / OTOTOY / and more...
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music & lyric written, played, produced by hideka
mixed by hideka & Hideki Ataka
mastered by Hideki Ataka
artwork & designed by Andy Jossi

Burning Paranoia -single- 19th Aug. release!!

Burning_Paranoia_Jacket.jpgConceived from the delusions and imagination of summer, Hideka presents her latest single.
Another self-produced work, Hideka does it all as composer and lyricist, programmer and vocalist, while also playing all instruments, including bass, guitar, organ and piano.
In 'Burning Paranoia' is painted an intense, bizarre, maddening delusion. 'One Way Bossa', on the other hand, elicits a refreshing sense of a laughing, carefree romp through a fresh meadow.
Either of these two contrasting songs are fascinating works that wonderfully overflow with Hideka's broad world view. Sit back and enjoy both a rare bewitching melody by Hideka, as well as an aggressive performance.

August 19th, 2015 Worldwide Release!! » iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / mora / レコチョク / OTOTOY / and more...
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Lit The Candle out 17th Dec!!

litthecandle_JacketThis is Hideka's long-awaited first album since establishing her own label 'hidekamusic'. She drew critical acclaim both in Japan and from overseas with her debut album 'hideka' (2008), 'Mayflower' (2010), produced in collaboration with the British band The Pristines, and other works. Such enthusiastic response has inspired her to pursue new avenues for her creativity as an independent solo artist. With her melodious, floating vocals and heightened sensitivity, she takes the listener to a world of fascination.

December 17, 2014 Worldwide Release!! » iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / mora /レコチョク /OTOTOY/and more...
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hideka: After starting out as bassist-vocalist with Loco-Holidays then performing in the solo project Ruby Ruby Star, Hideka gained experience as a music producer, songwriter-lyricist and commercial songwriter before taking her career to a new level as a solo artist. With melodious vocals that seem to float and a unique sensitivity reflected in her craft, she appeals to fans both in Japan and around the world. Her musical concept covers a wide range of genres---dream pop, alternative rock, ambient, electronica, shoegaze, bossa nova, jazz, etc.--- aimed at pleasantly stimulating the senses of the listener and arousing the power of imagination. Through the filter named 'Hideka', these join together and produce a unique style that charm the listeners as her musical wings spread farther and farther.

Mayflower - out 12th May!!

mayflower_jacketMayflower by hideka & The Pristines - out 12th May!!
This album is released by ..:: LCP RECORDS ::.. and is available via digital download on iTunes,Amazon MP3(and other platforms).

*Please note that timing of the release may vary from country to country. Thank you for your understanding.

This heartfelt collaboration took place over the networks, traversing thousands of miles.
It all began with an encounter between British Lo-Fi shoegaze artists, “The Pristines”, and “hideka”, Japan's pioneer shoegazer, following which they began to exchange music files together over the Internet.

Their songs began to take shape in gradual layers: Jon would send noisy sound sources captured on MTRs to hideka, hideka would soak up the British vibe and add her unique lyrics to their jointly-forged melodies. Feeling the British vibe, hideka even found elements of rock awakening deep inside her.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly which genre this new sound belongs to - should it be called shoegaze, Britpop or guitar pop? Either way, it's certain that this catchy, rhythmical chemical reaction is a melting pot of two styles from opposite sides of the ocean.

The long-awaited experimental collaboration is scheduled for global distribution release this May, and is aptly named “Mayflower”.

First album available!

hideka_jacket.jpgMy first digital album available worldwide via iTunes and other digital outlets.

Download Now! » iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / HearJapan / JapanFiles / mora / mora win / TSUTAYA DISCAS / OnGen / Listen Japan / Rakuten Download / Yahoo! Music / MySound / Olio music / recommuni / MUSICO /

Female vocalist hideka originally sang and played bass with Loco-Holidays -- a highly influential band signed to legendary label of the 90s Shibuya scene, Confusion (by Pony Canyon). Subsequently performing solo under the name Ruby Ruby Star, she focused not only on song writing, but on applying her diverse talents in playing instruments such as bass, guitar, organ, and synth, and also in programming. hideka has written and performed jingles and background music for J-WAVE, TOKYO FM and other major Japanese broadcasters, while also proactively looking to supply her music overseas.

In hideka's unique "dream pop world", her floating, wafting voice is perfectly married with spacy, oriental atmospheres. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city and returning to her home turf in Yamanashi, she now embarks upon a new solo project to freely deliver that hideka sound to listeners all over the world.

In July 2008, hideka contributed a song to HALF DREAMING: Asian Shoegaze Compilation -- a world-wide release featuring artists from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, and Hong Kong. And we now welcome her to LCP Records for the global release of her much-anticipated new album.

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